Howard guitars is an old fashioned brick & mortar guitar shop run by an actual Luthier with 35+ years of experience.

I run a small shop with an emphasis on personal service offering a complete range of repair & modifications in addition to a curated collection of quality new, used & vintage guitars & gear at prices for everyone. I also offer completely handmade, one of a kind instruments made right here in Magnolia Delaware. When you come in to my shop, you always deal with me not some part time sales clerk so expert advice is always available and often free. My goal is simple, to make the world a better sounding place one guitar at a time!

While I do sell via the internet you will find no shopping cart here…..This also allows you to take advantage of the fact that Delaware has no sales tax. While internet sales (Reverb, etc.) must charge tax in your home state, phone orders are treated as over the counter sales and are tax free here.

And I would rather talk with you in person via the good ole telephone to make sure you get just what you want and need. So just call or text. I accept all major credit cards, PayPal and of course good old fashioned cash.


I am an authorized dealer for instruments and products from many major brands including;

Aria& Aria Pro II, Danelectro, Eastman, Ovation, Ernie Ball, Jim Dunlop, Recording King, Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan, D’Addario, Gotoh, Schaller, Grover, Buzz Feiten, Ken Smith, LR Baggs, Peavey, Savarez, Tone Pros, Bigsby, GHS, Hipshot, TKL as well as many many others.

I also carry used and vintage gear so of course trade-in’s are always welcome here. Special orders? No problem! And with my expertise & experience you are assured of getting the parts you actually wanted that will actually fit your guitar.

Then if you want I can install everything I sell right in house, and being an authorized Dealer means all products come with their full warranty.

I accept all major credit and debit cards, Paypal and of course good old fashioned cash. I offer 90 days same as cash payments. *terms apply*

So just stop by, call, text or e-mail to check inventory, place an order or make an appointment.

Call or text 302-310-2035

Email: howardguitars@verizon.net


I offer a complete range of guitar repair, modification & restoration all done in house. Everything from set up and routine maintenance to museum quality restorations or one of a kind instruments. I stock many common parts to keep turn around time on your instrument as fast as possible and I am a dealer for many manufacturers so I can special order the correct parts for your project at competitive prices.


While I can help you with new tubes (including installation in some cases), speaker replacement, hardware & cosmetics I do not offer any diagnostics or electronic repairs.


  • SET UP – Acoustic guitar; $35+strings
  • SET UP – Fixed bridge Electric guitar; $50 + strings
  • SET UP – Standard Tremolo bridge; $65 + strings
  • SET UP – Floyd Rose etc; $75 + strings

All set ups include(as applicable): check & tighten all hardware, complete inspection, clean frets & and oil finger board, adjust nut slots, adjust truss rod, set action height, adjust intonation, clean and lube electronics & adjust pick-ups. I have strings in stock or you may bring your own, call or text to check if I carry yours.


(I have them available for purchase)

Not responsible for items left after 90 days past notice of completion


My name is Brian Howard. I have been a guitar player since I was a small child. My career as a Luthier began January 1st, 1984. That was the day I installed one of the very first Floyd Rose tremolo bridges ever produced into my main guitar. This not only included routing out the body simply to accept any tremolo but also recessing the bridge into the top of the guitar. A feature that wouldn’t appear on production guitars for several years. And yes,I still have that guitar!

For many years the guitar business was a second line of work and I paid my bills building custom furniture and making custom millwork & cabinetry. As I honed my fine woodworking skills a desire to make high quality guitars began to stir. Combined with the fact that I could never find an acoustic guitar that felt & sounded right for me I decided to design and build my own from scratch starting with a blank piece of paper.

That first acoustic guitar was finished in early 2010. By 2013 I was already an up and coming maker and was invited to display my work at the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase along side such greats as Symogi and Petros.

Also in 2013 I started making electric guitars as well and now routinely build the things no other shop, even the mighty “Custom Shops” will not… like an 8 string strat-type or a faithful Junior Brown style Guit-Steel. I can even custom wind pickups for you right here.

When I make a guitar for you, you are part of the process from the wood selection on out. Every part of your guitar will be just for you. I guarantee it.

“Brian Howard is an amazingly skilled super craftsman. I sent in my favorite Gibson Custom Shop Axcess guitar because of neck instability. Brian installed carbon fiber rods, new ebony fret board, stainless steel frets and even kept the nibs. I’m floored!!!!! 5 Stars. I love the guitar even more now. Couldn’t be happier with his work. Lifetime new customer here!”

“Brian re-set the neck on a used Martin guitar for me. Just picked it up. He did a great job and the guitar sounds really nice. I would highly recommend. They also carry a nice selection of new and used guitars. Check them out for XMAS !”

Call or text (302) 310-2035 or email howardguitars@verizon.net


12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
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